OVERWATCH SYSTEM update, and more!

Overwatch System

Operating in the same format as Force-Fire, pressing Overwatch [V] projects a arc of fire template (currently at 90 degrees) in which the selected unit will engage threats at MAXIMUM RANGE. 

Units in Overwatch will will forego self-preservation mechanisms (unless their negative traits are procced, or they are hurt, or pushed back physically thereby interrupting the activity) and otherwise ignore any threat outside of their 90 degree focus.

The point of overwatch is for defensive players to lock down a zone and engage threats at the Maximum weapon/detection range (dependent on unit stats!) rather than the usual Optimal engagement range.

Unit selection hotkey functionality update

-[Shift+key] to independently add/remove units to current selection, i.e Shift-1-2-3 makes units 1,2,3 selected.  and Shift-1-1-3 results in only unit 3 selected.

-You may ALSO click to add/remove from selection :)

Skippable Credits

-Opening credits sequence leading up to tutorial start is now skippable.
[spoiler] I'd recommend scouring The Wall map for goodies, I left loads of good stuff everywhere for those who want a pre-campaign boost. [/spoiler]

Cryovats / Weapon outlet iconography on map

On the Mission Selection Screen, mission sites that have facilities such as Cryovats/special bodybags and Weapons are now reflected with icons.

Additional Patch Notes

-Right-Click on an item when inventory is full now no longer denies movement to that area (so so sorry!)
-Fixed certain roofs displaying the night mission variant
- Toggle Heliweapons is now [Z], with [Shift] now used for unit selection 


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Version 8 Jun 29, 2017

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