Mining Drone Enhancement / Hydroponics Update / Overwatch Fix / Manual Save Update!

-All mining drones receive a detection range boost, in-line with those on a Combat Droid. (Super-clone levels, basically.) 

-Do remember, they will only engage threats if the threats are "Diamonded", and not automatically. 

-The drones on Hydroponics now spawn with Free Pistols -NPC Drones on Hydroponics now correctly spawn their 'corpses' when killed 

-Overwatch should correctly perform at maximum weapon range across all units. If your units have the detection range that exceeds their max weapon range, they will engage at the farthest possible distance. Be mindful of the weapon when employing overwatch! An overwatched standard shotgun on an unlevelled unit, firing at maximum shotgun range out in an open field will NOT one-hit-kill an incoming Stabber, and become an ineffective pairing, compared to using the same shotgun in overwatch, at a blind corner for example, where the Stabber kill is almost guaranteed as the pellets grouping will all land on target.

-We've added the ability to manually save once an invasion is over / during true peacetime period between missions. This option will be disabled during combat operations.

-Molar Intestine and Trapper Feeler now gives a little something something more :)

-Breacher no longer procs hurt anims when in contact with fire.

- "R-Block"mission site edited to have a maximum of 1 spawner at a time, previously it was 2, and shifted a smoke column at the upper right corner to show a potential spawn site more easily.

- Overwatch button now updated for touchscreen users! Will dynamically show/hide itself depending on detected input(s).

- Invasions now start from 15 seconds after returning to base

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Version 12 Jul 06, 2017

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